130 Days SOBER and HAPPY

It's 130 days since I drank my last can of lager. After years of abusing my body and my mental health I am now a sober happy artist.
This is my second blog post as Creatively Curious and I think this is the proudest I have ever been. Hand on heart, I finally like who I am, don't get me wrong I am not perfect and have things I want to improve but since I quit drinking I have finally found myself.

So, here are some of the benefits of a sober life. Although the meaning of sober is quite bland and grey, that does not reflect the realities of living a sober life or me.

1. No hangovers!
2. Skin is so much better
3. My eyes are clearer
4. My anxiety has got so much better 
5. I have no shame
6. I like myself
7. My creativity is flowing 
8. I remember the night before
9. I have no problem with being around drinkers.
10. My brain remembers so much more, past and present.
11. I have so much more energy and enthusiasm
12. I am so proud of myself 
13. I am not missing out by being sober

So why did I stop? I had been thinking about it for about 3 years but struggled. I set myself goals of ‘I won't drink today’ but by 3/4 pm I wanted a lager, my will power was broken and I would drink and then feel bad about myself. I felt powerless and beholden to a can of lager.
My drinking was not as bad as it had been in the past but after being diagnosed with PMDD and setting up my brand I realized that lager did not have a role in my daily life anymore. I was bored of it and it's a waste of money and I needed to break this addiction, after all, it's a drug and it had me in its grips and made me feel shit.
I had managed 30 days a few times but once the 30 days was up the 1st thing I would do was get a pint and all my good intentions were gone.
I decided to stop for 30 days in September and for some reason, I started looking for self-help books on quitting alcohol.
I came across The 30-day Experiment by Annie Grace, I was already 10 days in but read it and a light bulb moment happened, I then devoured The Unexpected Joy of being sober and by the end of September, I knew I was never going to drink again.
But to be on the safe side I read Annie Grace's book The Naked Mind, I can't unlearn what I read and it's just amazing that a book could transform my life.
I chose not to go to AA as felt it was not for me, but I totally respect that this works for others, truthfully, you find a way that suits you and works because at the end of the day the main objective is to quit alcohol and gain control over your life again.

The choice to be a sober artist for the rest of my life is mine, this is my journey, it's exciting and scary and being sober in a world geared towards drinking is challenging but I like a challenge and I have always been different.
So my creative path has taken a wonderful turn I am present with myself and excited 
to share the highs and lows of my new life because I know I am not alone.
I will talk about being sober as I feel it's important to talk openly about it, not everyone is enjoying drinking but does not see a way out of it, it's a habit that's hard to break, especially as society encourages drinking, there is no getting away from it.
So as people make comments of how drunk they got, how many shots they did and how bad their hangovers were I will share the stories of my sober exploits, seems only fair.

I have big plans for 2020 and I can't wait to share them with you. 
Remember to be kind to yourself and to others, life is too short - it's time to Be Fucking Brave.

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  • hey lady, am from the designers hive, having a browse around. I love this image so hard. brave is one of my core values, as is curious . engaged curious vibrant brave. so I bloody love this image. and go you – sober is awesome. am now mostly sober. I am not an all or nothing person, and I am also mostly vegetarian. someone called me sober curious, which is kind of funny. Anyway, love it love it. and – you need to restock your notebooks. none left!!

    moyra scott

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