It's taken me a few years of being on this part of my creative to journey as a sober artist and entrepreneur to understand how I got to the place I am now.

What gave me the inner strength to stay sober and continue running my brand during a pandemic?


I had not realised the years of drawing in my sketchbooks, even in my darkest days, was and still is my place to go and be me, to get through difficult times, to be quiet, sit & play.


Before getting sober, when setting up my brand Creatively Curious, I started for the 1st time working on my mindset!

This allowed me to let go of stories and beliefs I held about myself and my art.
I started to really see & believe my dream of becoming a full-time artist was possible & available to me now.

That's when I realised alcohol played no part in this chapter! No one could have ever told me to quit, it had to be my choice.
I felt the fear and I felt strong enough to take up this challenge it was so scary stepping into a new reality, I just knew I would find a way to stay sober!

Over the last 2 1/2 years, I have added other tools to my resilient tool kit. meditation, journaling,daily gratitude, kundalini yoga, Practical Magic. Add sea medicine, tending to my plants, all allows me to manage my life & emotions in a healthy & balanced way.

"Being honest with myself, asking uncomfortable questions, letting go of stories & beliefs was the key to living life on my terms."

I felt blessed that I can access my creativity in such a fun and playful way now.

I have let go of so much that was in my way, self-imposed fears & beliefs that served me no purpose other than hold me back from being my true unique creative self.

I am now making the most beautiful and heart centred art I have ever made, it comes from within,I have found my creative self , I have at last let go of the outcome and now and I


My wish is to guide & inspire YOU to access your unique creativity by letting of the stories & beliefs around being an artist and being creative.

It's not about the perfect picture or using the best paints the most important thing is to show up for yourself and put pen to paper, trusting the process and letting go of the outcome.

"I invite you to step into the creative portal of infinite possibility, a safe space to explore your unique creative self!"

"Creativity Is not just for artists or people we perceive to be creative, it's a strength that can be cultivated, and nourished, one delicious step at a time!"

Creative resilience allows you to work through blocks and stories and rewrite them. Once you start doing this with your creativity, these actions connect, reflect & explore can be used in other areas of your life.
The unravelling of the stories and beliefs becomes easier, as the confidence you have through creativity grows, the calmer mind, connection to self allows you to lead from the heart, not the head, to ask yourself.

"What do I truly desire?"

All the answers are within you, it's learning to slow down and listen, being creative gives you that space.

What does being a resilient person look like?

  • Able to embrace change and control the way you respond and react to situations in positive & healthy ways
  • Allows you to find a sense of purpose, and have belief & confidence in your abilities!
  • Able to be optimistic, glass half full.
  • You develop creative and positive problem-solving skills.
  • Establish intentions and see them through.
  • Able to take responsibility for your life
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Able to remain calm, keep control and think of new ways to tackle problems - you can't change the situation, you can change how you react
  • You know self-care is not selfish, cultivate self-compassion, listen to your intuition and look after yourself!
  • Accept all emotions are valid and learn to understand them and let them go

ALL OF THE ABOVE CAN BE ACCESSED WHEN YOU CONNECT WITH YOUR UNIQUE CREATIVE SELF - and let go of the stories & beliefs about what it is to be an artist and make art.


How does Creativity play a role in building resilience?

The process of being creative calms the mind reduces anxiety and makes you feel good
Creative Resilience encourages positive emotions, that can unlock inner resources (intuition) so you can deal with the uncertainty & stresses life will throw at you in positive & constructive ways.

Neurologists have found when you engage in everyday creative and fun activities, the brain produces alpha waves these feelings are associated with relaxation and mindfulness. This opens our minds to new ideas and experiences it builds resilience.
It's been proven that when we go into flow, our brain cells begin to flourish and create new neural pathways, the synapses in our brain start firing in new ways and makes us feel good, the more we do it, the more beneficial pathways! 

From my journey as a Sober Artist & Entrepreneur so far, the actions that have served me to let go and live life on my terms, has inspired me to create the 
Creative Resilience Framework - Connect - Reflect - Explore.


Connecting with the process of being creative, using fun and playful ways allows anyone to discover their unique creative selves, once that connection is made, then the unravelling of the stories and beliefs take place, confidence grows, you feel calmer, and are now connected self. (Intuition).

All my 1:1 Guidence,Workshops & Programs including the free Creative Resilience Circle all have the framework woven through.

Trust me, let me take you by the hand so you can see you are creative! My role is to guide and inspire you to step into the creative portal of infinite possibilities!

No rules, this is your safe space to explore your unique creative self.

It's time for YOU!

If anything has come up for you and you want to find out about working 1:1 with me!

I am a licensed Practical Magic Guide and use the cards in my professional & personal life

Want to find out more email me now and take that 1st step amanda@creativelycurious.co.uk



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