Its been a while... 15 months and still SOBER


Mmmm going, to be honest, it's a while since the last blog post I checked; the last one I was talking about was being 6 months sober!

On the 1st of June, it will 21 months booze-free!

I could have been hard on myself at the amount of time I have procrastinated about the writing of this blog post, the sheer ridiculousness of how long it has taken.

It's written on more to-do lists, calendar dates, post-it notes, words alone of writing "I MUST WRITE A BLOG POST" must equal the length this blog will be!

I have written a few drafts of blogs, never posted, this time it is going to be a different time to pull off the sticking plaster and just do it.

My procrastination is all of my own doing, not so much about the content.
If you heard me speak live you know I am not short on things to say!
It's all down to confidence with my words, being dyslexic, my grammar and flow of words may not be perfect.

During lockdown in May 2020, I started a 6-week course called Thrive with the Creatirix Coach Ali Mapletoft.

I had dabbled in journaling but never maintained a daily routine, was always worried what I had to say would sound silly and stupid, again old stories from school and failing English, that programming from way back popping up from my subconscious.
And through the journaling, I realised I loved it and could see the benefits of this a daily practice for my mental well-being.
So a year later, still have my morning routine, of meditation, journaling, and exercise!
The big thing I have learned having a healthy MINDSET is key to so much in our lives!

I have done a lot of uncomfortable work, looking at the stories and beliefs holding me back. Delving into my subconscious beliefs around me, confidence, money, some things have shifted, some will take longer to unravel.

I am on my path, this internal work is life long, yes at times I have to deal with some stuff that makes me feel uncomfortable, I also know it has to be done, the rewards of doing the work for me is my FREEDOM, to live my life as who I was truly meant to be.

I am Amanda Sober Artist & Goddess who designs for and owns the creative brand Creatively Curious and runs the free growing and flourishing "Get Creative & Stay Sober Community " for the sober and sober curious.
I run workshops and courses to guide and inspire creativity and create healthy tools to calm the mind and soothe the soul.

My purpose is to guide and support 1000's of women to change their relationship with alcohol, through - Creativity, Mindset & Connection (to-self & others)

WHY so they can live a happy sober life with purpose, to have positive & creative tools, healthy habits to deal with the stress and overwhelm of life.

I am currently promoting my

SOBER IS NOT BORING - Free Lunchtime workshop
Monday14th June - Friday 18th - 1:30 -2 pm BST
Time to break those myths and change your stories behind alcohol.

I am happily sober, dealing with life in a healthy way, when shit happens and it does I can deal with things in a much more calm and rational way.

My creativity is on another level, I feel free to create in a way I would never have imagined, I have an intense feeling of completeness, of being true to my unique creativity, and it's the most incredible and wonderful creative energy I have ever experienced.

In October 2020 I started painting on canvas after years of not allowing myself to, and painted the 1st collection "The Garden of my Heart"

I am now working on a new collection called "I AM" it comprises 1 large self-portrait of me and a selection of paintings that come from my sober sketchbooks, representing my transformation to the sober artist & goddess I am today!

I am living as an artist and one of the voices of change in the sober community, not here to tell anyone what to do, I am just all about honest conversations

Getting sober has changed my whole world, I am a hand-on-heart living my best life, and every day I am truly grateful for the day I finally quit booze. This photo is me to the left larger face and me on 1/09/2020 1 year sober.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if anything comes up for you, contact me, join the free community or sign up for the workshop.

My grammar may not be perfect, you know what that's ok, between, me and Grammarly we get by!
I am on the hunt for someone to help with my copy and it won't be 15 months till my next blog!

I am looking forward to sharing more insights and discoveries on living a sober happy life with purpose!

With Love

Amanda Sober Artist & Goddess

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