Why part 1?

Due to the pandemic and switching fabric manufacturers, I had a smaller amount of notebooks made up. I have not included all of the designs, sizes or products so part 2 will gradually be introduced in the coming months!

Why the name? 

This is the 1st time I have designed a pattern collection without the aid of larger!

 It’s personally the best collection I have designed yet! The drawings come from the pages of my sketchbooks and inspired by my time as an early morning cleaner at The Royal Pavilion & Museum in Brighton. I was allowed to take photos and spend time on my own in such beautiful and unique surroundings.

I had decided to one day turn my time there into patterns and designs, so, when I got sober I finally felt ready to tackle this creative journey and create something new and different.

My designs are now moving in a direction that is so exciting, it makes me buzz just thinking about the possibilities.

Since getting sober my creativity is on another level that I could not have imagined, even in my wildest dreams.

Getting sober makes me feel so full of joy, I truly feel creatively free to produce the art and designs I desire to. It comes from within me. This is me, my unique creativity is here and is only getting stronger day by day.

I now feel I have broken free from my lager prison in which I felt trapped inside a can, swishing and swilling around with no direction and constant feelings of, guilt, self-loathing and shame etc. The list could go on!

About the Notebooks & Sketchbooks

There are some changes, to the covers of the hardback notebooks and sketchbooks as I had to find a new manufacturer and fabric for the covers and was worried that I wouldn’t find anyone. Luckily I was put in touch with Magic Textiles, I now use Panama Cotton and I am so pleased with the outcome.

Seeing my designs come to life as sketchbooks and notebooks is truly an amazing buzz, better than larger any day!

I truly pride myself on the fact that my notebooks are not mass-produced!

They are created only 126 miles from Brighton by the Stamford Notebook Company.

I love working with them, they are kind and helpful and always turn my dreams into a reality. I am extremely grateful that Hugo helped me to find the new fabric and printers. I know that we will have a long and happy relationship as they bring more of my designs to life, allowing me to have my own stationery brand “Creatively Curious”

About The Stamford Notebook Company

Taken from their website

 “In a world of technology, speed and mass production, sometimes pleasure can be found in traditional simplicity and unwavering attention to detail…

Established in the 1950s by Peter Spiegl, after working in London for a firm of printers and bookbinders, Spiegl Press has its roots firmly embedded in the commercial printing and bookbinding industry.

With a passion for artisan printing and bookbinding, Hugo Spiegl – who was introduced to printing at the age of 13 when at school – joined Spiegl Press in 1990.

The firm, which is based in the beautiful Georgian town of Stamford, has a fine collection of traditional bookbinding equipment along with more up-to-date production machinery.”

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