Creative Resilience Workshops & Circle

Speaking in front of 40 woman at an event in November 2021 

In Feb 2019 I took radical responsibility for my life, and by September 1st 2019, I launched my brand Creatively Curious and made the scariest decision of my life and quit booze, and my world changed forever! 

I stayed sober during the lockdown, worked on my brand. This could not have transpired without guidance on working on my mindset, letting go of stories and beliefs holding me back, and building my resilience tool kit. 

It has given me the confidence to make scary and untimely life-changing decisions with confidence and knowing that I had to trust the process and move through the fear, however uncomfortable.

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"Building your resilience and having positive & creative tools, regular creative practise will empower you to feel more confident to cope with life stuff, in an emotionally balanced way.”

Why Creative Resilience?

Expressing yourself through artistic and creative activities is beneficial for your mental health, unfortunately, stories & beliefs hold people back from being creative in any form.

Being creative has been proven in research to relieve both stress and anxiety, activities such as drawing, knitting, and journaling raise serotonin levels and decrease anxiety, features that contribute to resilience. It stimulates alpha waves, which scientists have found that when you are relaxed, you are much more likely to have big aha moments.  

"When you lack resilience, you may instead become overwhelmed by the challenging situations life throws up and may use unhelpful coping mechanisms and unhealthy destructive ways of dealing with them.”  


Creative Resilience - Connect - Reflect - Explore  - So you can live the life you desire 

"Creativity Is not just for artists or people we perceive to be creative, its strength that can be cultivated, and nourished , one delicious step at a time."

I use different mindful creative techniques, including Mandala drawing that I have developed over a number of years.

All exercises are freehand drawing techniques (no rubbers, pencil, rulers or compasses) 

The aim is to put pen to paper and enjoy the moment. 

The workshops are available to anyone regardless of perceived artistic ability. This is about connecting to the creative process, calming the mind, slowing down. Being in the present moment and having fun! It's not about the end result. 

I offer Creative Resilience Workshops. 

In the Workplace - Builds creative resiliency for your staff, give them tools to cope with overwhelm and stress creatively, and promotes creative thinking and good mental wellbeing. 

For Memberships & Communities  - My workshops are fun and playful, I can guide and inspire anyone to put pen to paper, regardless of their perceived artistic ability.

1:1 Workshops - please contact me and we can arrange a free zoom call and have a chat.

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