"Love Your Sketchbook" & Build your CREATIVE RESILIENCE - Group Program.


"Love Your Sketchbook" & Build your CREATIVE RESILIENCE
with Amanda Sober Artist & Creative Coach

6-week group program - 31 st January - 13 th March 2022

"There are no rules inside the pages of your sketchbook"

Do you want to...

  • To take radical responsibility for how you live your life?
  • Connect or reconnect with your unique creative self?
  • Find the freedom of expression inside the pages of your sketchbook and build resilience?
  • Overcome stories and beliefs holding you back from your creative self?
  • Discover how letting go, and discovering the creative process, will change you, allowing you to feel more confident about it.
  • Be challenged, held accountable, get uncomfortable, have fun, meet like-minded others?

"Love Your Sketchbook" TRANSFORMATION 


  • At the end of the 6-weeks, you will have a clear understanding of what creative resilience is, why it's so important and how to bring it into your everyday
  • You will be comfortable & confident using a sketchbook discover how to enjoy the creative process in a fun and playful way, and overcome any fear of the blank page
  • You will have the confidence to explore your unique creative self, and have found the time for your regular creative practice.
  • Have healthy & positive tools and skills you can grow and develop over a lifetime!
  • Be introduced to journaling, self-reflection, daily gratitude as other resilience tools to add to the tool kit


Who am I?

Hello, I am Amanda, Sober Artist & Creative Coach

“I am not what is known as a traditional artist, I love to play and experiment, mixing different mediums and not following the rules!”

  • In Feb 2019 I took radical responsibility for my life, I started working with the Creatrix coach Ali Mapletoft
  • By September 1st 2019 - I launched my brand Creatively Curious and made the scariest decision of my life and quit booze, and my life changed forever!
  • I could not have done this without working on my mindset, letting go of stories and beliefs holding me back, and building my resilience tool kit!
  • 2 1/2 years, sober and happy and living my best most creative life ever.
  • I am excited to share the tools that have changed my life, creativity has and always will be a massive part of my wellbeing and resilience and I have been keeping sketchbooks for over 30 yrs!
  • I know in my heart when you connect with your creative self, magic happens.

This is for you

  • If fear holds you back from putting pen to paper.
  • You want to feel less stressed & overwhelmed
  • If you don't think you are creative
  • If you want to re-connect or connect with your creativity and don't know where to start
  • If you are curious and know you want to deal with life overwhelm & stresses in a different way
  • If stories & beliefs are holding you past are holding you back from connecting with your creativity
  • You know in your heart it's time to change your outlook on life.
  • If you are scared, and in your heart, you just know its time to leap
  • You know you need to slow down

My promise to you.

  • To hold a safe and nurturing space for you to explore your unique creative self.
  • To guide and inspire you to let go of any limiting beliefs you may have around your ability to be creative.
  • To always speak with honesty & compassion, ask questions, and challenge resistances that are holding you back.
  • To guide you into enjoying the creative process and letting go of the outcome!


Your promise to yourself.

  • To come to the sessions with an open heart and a sense of adventure!
  • Take ownership and radical responsibility for your life!
  • To be willing to stretch out of your comfort zone!
  • Face fears and do it anyway
  • To be committed wholeheartedly and engaged in your development.
  • Have fun and play and explore give this 6-weeks 100%


How “Love Your Sketchbook” & Build your CREATIVE RESILIENCE works

Private Facebook Group

3x 90 min Group Creative Session - via Zoom

  • Creative Playtime session
  • Time to let go and play inside the pages of your sketchbook
  • Overcome creative blocks and have fun

3x 1hr Group Coaching Call  - via zoom

Sunday Night Live -

  • A weekly pep talk and Practical Magic card pull for the week ahead
  • Answer any of your questions

Podcast Book Club

  • A weekly podcast to listen to and reflect on in the group

Set weekly intentions.

  • Accountability share in the group
  • Reflect back, what worked well, what did not work so well.

Creative Playtime Prompts

  • Sketchbook Play - how to use, love and let go inside the pages of your sketchbook
  • Daily Prompts to inspire you to put pen to paper
  • Creative Brief*

Other Resilience Tools you will explore

  • Journaling / Self Reflection
  • Daily Gratitude Practice
  • Quiet time

*Creative Brief

Wk 5/6 - you will get a brief to create a piece of artwork and will spend the last 2 weeks putting your creative resilience skills to practice, the brief is a wonderful way to challenge and excite your unique creative energy within.

Want to book a free 30 min call & have a chat?

It's time to take RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY for your life and only YOU can do it!

Payment plans are available please ask me!


With Love 

Amanda Sober Artist & Creative Coach