My Secret Garden Collection - Launched 1st September 2019

The inspiration behind this collection is my love of nature,and fascination with  Victorian botanical drawings. When I was younger I wanted to be an explorer who discovered plants and flowers to draw.
All my designs are inspired from nature , but with a fantasy twist , if the flowers and plants existed  I would fill my secret garden with them.   


All my notebooks & sketchbooks are handcrafted using traditional  & modern methods by


So unbelievable proud of this 1st collection!

It completely sold out and I never repeat a collection! 


The Sober Collection - Launched January 2021

A few years ago,I worked as an early morning cleaner in The Royal Pavilion & Museum.
This is the most iconic building in Brighton and to be able to spend time in such inspirational surroundings an artist and designer I knew I need to make a pattern collection.

I was very lucky I was able to photos and had some drawings in a sketchbook, but I never did anything about  it until we went in to lockdown and decided now is the time to create this collection.


Every drawing was picked from sketchbooks , redrawn, scanned and cleaned up (over 80 pieces), and taken to Photoshop to be made in to patterns , a process I truly love so much and could never get bored of.


Thank you postcards for every customer.
I am most proud of this collection as I know it the 1st sober one, not a drop of larger touched my lips in the making of them!
I use my own products and the paper for the notebooks  & sketchbooks are a dream to draw and write on. 


I even create one of designs for my son Sunny who loves a sketchbook as much as me, and also would never leave home without one.