Empowering Your Creative Self - 6-week program

Find your unique creative-self on this transformational  6 -week program. 

This program is deigned to take you on a journey of creativity,mindset and connection to self, to work on stories and beliefs holding you back for truly living in your power.

3 creative briefs you will step in to a different way of thinking about yourself.

Each brief will embrace the 3 key elements  Creativity Mindset and Connection -to-self

Discover the Magic Within - 3 week program

“Step back from the overwhelm and chaos on this transformational 3-week creative program. Slow down, breathe and reconnect with your creative side” 

Nature is your inspiration and I am your guide.

A chance for you to explore you creative side in a fun and playful way.

You will be using nature as your inspiration 

It’s all about the proses of exploring materials and looking at things in a different way.

It’s time for you to over come creative blocks that hold you back from letting go and truly exploring you creative side

By the end of the 3 weeks you will have created your own fantasy flower from your creative imagination.



90 Day Sober Challenge

90 DAY SOBER CHALLENGE -  Creativity - Mindset - Connection 

Its time YOU live a happy sober life with purpose!

Practical, honest support and guidance to empower YOU, to change your relationship with alcohol and to step in to the world sober, with confidence, support and healthy tools to navigate the world with ease and grace.



Previous Workshops


Mindful Mandala Drawing 

60min Workshop 

 Your gateway into your unique creative self.

Not everyone can sit and meditate but this creative process helps to calm your mind and soothe your soul and connect with your unique creative self

Still used in some of my Creative Resilience workshops and I love sharing this process and have done for 10 yrs



How to Draw a Leaf  the Creatively Curious Way

90min workshop 

My aim is to encourage and inspire you to find or reignite your creative side, this workshop is about having fun, being playful and enjoying the creative process.

A leaf is your starting point and I guide you in a fun and playful way to feel comfortable using a sketchbook, not worry about the end result and just explore , experiment and be creatively free. 


Free Groups

Get Creative & Stay Sober Community 2020 - 2022

New Creative Resilience Circle in March 2022 - ongoing

Drawing Challenges & Prompts

I have been setting free creative challenges & drawing prompts, across my social media & in my free group the “Get Creative & Stay Sober Community “

Sheet of Shapes - February 2022

21 Days of Creative Playtime - December 2021

21 Days of Creative Play - November 2021

Christmas  2020 - 12 Days of Mindful Activities 

7 Day Mindful Drawing Challenge -  Jan 2021 - May 2021 - inside the “Get Creative & Stay Sober Community “

Free Workshops Held

The Art of Living a Sober Life 4-8th October 2021

Sober is not Boring -14th - 18th June 2021

Free 6 - Day Workshop - Creativity - Mindset - Community 18th -23rd February 2021

Free Mindful Drawing Workshop - October 2020

5 Day Creative Alternative to Wine 0 Clock 14th -18th September 2020

Mindful Drawing Workshops -  June 2020