Creative Workshop Testimonials 

“Thank you so much for sharing your amazing and inspiring Mandala workshop with my stressed out team of social workers! It was such a lovely way to spend an hour together tapping into our mindful creativity."

"I am very much an advocate of Mindfulness but do find it difficult at times to maintain that 'in the present feeling'. Learning to draw a Mandala has really helped with that and you made it so easy to learn and do considering I do not have a artist/creative background - Thank you!" - Fiona

"Amanda is an excellent teacher and creates a warm and relaxed environment that encourages creativity and experimentation. It’s lovely to be taught by someone so enthusiastic and positive.This workshop really helped rekindle my creative side and start making art again.” - Corrin

"Possibly one of the nicest things I have done for myself in ages. Taking a couple of hours out of my day just to switch off and relax was just wonderful. Amanda’s gentle guidance was just what I needed and I now draw a mandala every morning “ - Laura

“I’ve never thought  I was creative in an artistic way and was totally out of my comfort zone. The workshop allowed me to explore art and showed me that  I can be creative in an artistic way and  do something that was really easy and enjoyable. This gave me confidence to try more thing out of my comfort zone and made me feel good. It gave me time to switch off from the  outside world and  from my busy brain.” - Tara

"Really appreciating connecting back into drawing for the sake of drawing - no pressure - with Amandas Mandala workshop.Super relaxed & calming guidance makes the whole experience a treasure with out measure! "

“Loved doing Amanda's workshop. It was so enjoyable to draw without worrying about the end result. I now draw a mandala everyone morning, it's rather like doing a mediation :) . It's a great start to my day” - Beccy

“My daughter and I really enjoyed doing Amanda's mandala workshop. The process is so relaxing and seemed to fly by. We'll definitely be doing it again!” - Ali

“Me and my son thoroughly enjoyed the mandala making session. I have found myself using them to help calm me down. Or to create mind breaks. If that makes sense. Between activities. Loved it. Very easy fun and mindful” - Moyra 

“Taking part in Amanda’s Mandala drawing workshop has changed my lockdown for the better. It’s helped me to bond with my daughter. It’s calming and relaxing. I’ve also stayed connected with friends and family by drawing with them over the internet”.


 Practical Magic Coaching Testimonials 


1:1 Coaching Testimonial

"Amanda held a safe and nurturing space where I was able to identify areas in my life that needed change. Most importantly for me, has been the emerging insight surrounding my self limiting beliefs. Some of these beliefs have been holding me back for years, keeping me feeling small and insignificant. With Amanda’s support, suggestions and encouragement, along with the practical magic cards and activation exercises, I have been able uproot and dispel a lot of negative self talk in such a short space of time. - Member of "Get Creative & Stay Sober Community “

I have only one word - AMAZING! I was very sceptical at first about trying ''Practical Magic™ Coaching'' with Amanda, because it's not really my thing.

 At that time I was stuck on a path in my life and felt like I needed a bit of guidance. Plus trying something new wouldn't hurt.

I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. The whole experience was completely outside my comfort zone but it made me reevaluate my path and make braver decisions. 

I highly recommend 'Practical Magic™Coaching, even if it's ''Not your Thing''. 

You will be presently surprised by the results.  - Ieva Dickson , Knitwear artist.


Group Coaching Testimonial


“I attended a Practical Magic session with Amanda through my sober community last month

I didn't know what I was expecting but I have embraced my spiritual side over the last year and a bit I know it was something I needed to try

And I wasn't wrong Amanda explained the process well and created a lovely atmosphere even via zoom when she started with the Practical Magic card reading it instantly fell all kinds of emotions got feelings and intuitive whispers she turned over each card

It was a fabulous experience and one I would highly recommend especially to anyone who is at Junction in life or feeling a bit stuck and in need of some inner guidance”  - Sober & Happy Member of BeeSober Community 



Discover The Magic Within Testimonials 


"I have just finished the three-week creative course "Discover the Magic Within" and I can honestly say it was the best money have I have spent in a long time! 

(When I think about it, how much money would I have spent on booze in that three-week period?)

Amanda taught us the creative process, which was very satisfying because you firstly investigate/research/explore your subject, getting familiar with drawing that subject, forming ideas in your head, 

the second week stylising your subject and the third week was coming up with the final concept, applying our stylised item to a commercial concept. 

We had weekly workshops to conclude the week's work and Amanda was always there if we had any queries and was also very encouraging if we had lost our drawing mojo that day!

It started when I joined Amanda's Sober Artist - Create and Connect Facebook group, and it just got me drawing again on a nearly daily basis for the first time since my early 20s!! 

The sobriety journey is so much better this way. I love it! I have even now got a creative corner (verging on being a studio!), which I love!

Creativity on paper has made me feel like myself again. I will never be able to thank Amanda enough as it got my on the road to literally putting ink/paint/pencil to paper." - Linz


“Inspired and hugely encouraged to now keep regular sketchbooks.I have always been intimidated by art, but now feel more at ease after your gentle encouragement.I didn’t want the course to end really, which is always a good sign thank you!”

- Laura 

90 Day Sober Journey - Perception - Testimonial 

‘I have been trying to quit alcohol for the past four years. The maximum alcohol free days I managed in this time was 71 days then I would always go back to drinking.

I’ve read so many quit-lit books over this time and whilst they initially worked at the beginning, they no longer were anymore and I realised I needed more support.

I’ve always been a creative person and after one particularly bad hangover, I was keen to meet a group of people who were also creative but wanted to be sober.

This is when I discovered Amanda’s group ‘Get Creative & Stay Sober Community’ and I immediately joined!

I loved how Amanda did live videos and how honest she was about her own journey into sobriety. Her enthusiasm for choosing creativity over drinking was contagious!

Amanda then offered a free online sober workshop week, which I found extremely helpful and knew immediately that I wanted her more in-depth support package so signed up to her 90 day workshop.

It is the best money I have ever spent! Plus I’ve actually saved more from no longer drinking!

I’m pleased to report I’ve surpassed the 90 days now and this NEVER would have happened without the daily care and support I received from Amanda. 

She helped me finally get to the bottom of why I drank like I did, which no quit-lit book ever fully helped me realised. 

I’m not going to lie, it was a tough, painful journey at times facing some home truths.

However, through Amanda’s guidance and tried and tested sober tools, I was able to finally face the issues I had been numbing myself to and I’m proud to say that I’m no longer in the miserable rut I was in. 

I have made positive changes to my life and addressed the issues so I no longer feel the desire to drink anymore and am finally being true to myself and living the creative life I had always dreamed of!

I now always have a creative project that I would sooner do over drinking. 

It’s still early days for me into a life of sobriety but I’m confident in the fact that I can revisit Amanda’s teachings in my sober tool kit, if I ever feel remotely tempted to drink again.

If you’re thinking about doing this course with Amanda but are not sure or if you’re thinking it’s a bit of money….I had these thoughts at the beginning too but I knew nothing else was working for me and the cost is nothing compared to what I would have spent on alcohol over the next year, if I had continued to drink! Her one to one support and helpful insights are priceless!

It is a scary thought of stopping alcohol but I can assure you there is a better life after alcohol! You’ve just got to try it out for yourself!

As one door closes, so many wonderful new doors will open for you!

You new amazing sober life is ready for you!’ - 90 Day Sober Client