“I Move with Grace & Ease” April 2022  91 X 122 cm - Acrylic on canvas

“I Move with Grace & Ease” April 2022 91 X 122 cm - Acrylic on canvas

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May I introduce you to the 1st painting from my 2nd collection “From Within” is called 

“I Move with Grace & Ease” April 2022  91 X 122 cm - Acrylic on canvas

This painting was started on the 25th of December 2021 & finished on The 4th of April 2022

It reflects how I feel inside, gone is the shame & guilt of my past, too scared to paint, to let myself go and fully surrender to the process, I have let go of the stories & beliefs and am finally creatively free.
Out of my sketchbooks and onto the canvas pure bliss.

“I Move with Grace & Ease" is a tranquil painting, a place to be and reflect to feel calm, to have a moment of peace, when it catches your eye as you walk past, you slow down, your breath softens and your mind calms. This painting will always, calm your mind & soothe your soul.

I enjoyed every moment each brushstroke took me to a beautiful place, of completeness, I have finally stepped into the creative portal of infinite possibilities, excited by this exciting new part of my journey.

The photo is from the studio the wall where it was created.

This painting has been tricky to photo (more coming soon) and to really see its beauty, best appreciated in the flesh, so to speak.

This can be arranged, and even brought to your home, to try on your wall, just message me, and let's chat.
Shipping will be arranged at the time of purchase depending on your location.